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Magnolia Bark

60 Vegetarian Capsule - No other ingredients

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Magnolia Bark extract is an ancient herbal remedy which is widely used to promote a calm and relaxed state. The Magnolia tree is native to Asia but grows in many countries including New Zealand. Magnolia Bark contains a naturally occurring active compound called HONOKIOL.

There is a long list of reasons why people take Magnolia Bark:

Magnolia Bark can be an invaluable nutritional support option for people going through cancer treatment - particularly breast and prostate cancer.

Magnolia Bark is used to provide soothing relief from menstual cramps as well as supporting normal mood and emotions.

Magnolia Bark is used to support normal cognitive function which may be helpful for people with Dementia

Magnolia Bark can help to support normal hormonal balance particularly in terms of stress hormones.

Magnolia Bark can support normal respiratory function for people with Asthma and bronchitis and allergies.

Magnolia Bark can be used to support normal Liver function particularly for people who consume a lot of alcohol.

Magnolia Bark should not be used by pregnant women or children without the supervision of a doctor.