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Sacro Wedgy- for Men

The Back Aid Sacro-Stabilizer

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It would be hard to find someone who didn’t suffer with back pain in one way or another.

Some years ago, I came across a unique little device that I discovered is amazingly helping with relieving the aches and pains associated with age and poor posture.

It seems that over time our muscles retain a memory of the way we walk, sit and lie down and this can put our muscles out of balance thus leading to the lower back pain issues that can make us so miserable.

Sacro Wedgy was invented by an American man (he is now 93 years old) to provide a simple way to encourage the muscles to relax thus relieving the tension that can lead to pain and discomfort.

The sacrum is a large wedge-shaped vertebra at the inferior end of the spine. It forms the solid base of the spinal column where it intersects with the hip bones to form the pelvis. The sacrum is a very strong bone that supports the weight of the upper body as it is spread across the pelvis and into the legs.

The sacrum works a bit like the ‘Key Stone’ which is the last ‘brick’ inserted into an archway to prevent the archway from collapsing.

When the Sacro Wedgy is placed under the sacrum it provides elevation of the sacrum thus allowing the many muscle groups(Quadratus Lumborum – Psoas – Glutes and the Piriformis) to relax as the hips provide gentle downward stretching pressure.

When the muscles are tight it can be really painful and with a number of significant nerves including the Sciatic nerve passing through the region, there is potential for some serious discomfort.

It’s not a quick fix but over a period of a few days to a week or so my own experience of using the Sacro Wedgy has been really good.         

The Sacro Wedgy website has some very interesting information and a lot of comments from people who have used it successfully.

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