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90 Vege Capsules
A superb combination of Enzymes and Probiotics.
Normaliser-3 is an excellent product

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This is a product which I am really excited about. Enzymes and Probiotics both have a key role to play in assisting with the extraction of nutrients from our foods and maintaining a healthy balance of gut flora. I was thrilled when Sedona Labs who make the Probiotic product (iFlora Multi) came out with a combination Enzyme - and Probiotic product that also contains a unique blend of Prebiotics (which help the Probiotics to do their job).

I can't overstate the importance of focusing on the health of the digestive system. 70%+ of our immune cells 'live' in our 'gut' which is often thought of as our 'second' brain. If you have ever heard the expression "I have a gut feeling" you will understand the concept of the gut brain connection.

An interesting overview of enzymes