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Lypo-Spheric B-Complex


Please note this is a very high quality product which took some 18 months to develop.  Livon will never release a product
unless they can achieve stable Liposomes which are fundamental to any Liposomal product.  The costs associated with a
product which has a combination of nutrients are significantly higher than with a single nutrient such as Vitamin C.
This is why there is a significant difference in the price of the two products.  B-Vitamins are so important but we can only
anticipate benefits if we can absorb them. 


Lypo-Spheric B-Complex is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Product Description


The new formulation incorporates superior, active forms of B-Vitamins such as Benfotiamine, a fat soluble form of Thiamine (B1), Methylcobalamin active form of (B12), Niacinamide (B3) natural folate (not synthetic folic acid) and selenomethionine as selenium, and a new source of phospholipids - all to ensure that every ingredient is non-GMO.

  • Safe, natural delivery system
  • High performance energy booster*
  • No sugar, no caffeine, no crash
  • Unleashes more energy naturally without any crash*
  • Blocks Advanced Glycation End Products*
  • Helps your body burn fuel more efficiently*
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Supports weigh loss*