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Parasite Cleanse

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 Farm animals have parasites and farmers treat them regulaly for these. Domestic pets have parasites and Vets treat them for these. Do 'we' have parasites? The answer to this question must be yes. How can we avoid being infected with parasitic organisms which can range from large tape worms, hook worms and round worms to microscopic protozoas. 70% or parasites we may play host to are microscopic with only 30% being visible to the naked eye.

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I believe every member of the family should undertake a parasite treatment at least twice every year.

Life Tree "Purify'' Parasite Cleanse is up there with the very best. I was looking for a product that didn't contain 'wormwood' and I found one. 100% Natural with Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Ingredients:


◦NO artificial ingredients

◦NO fillers or contravening ingredients

◦NO potentially dangerous toxic herbal ingredients (eg.) wormwood

◦Perfectly balanced and blended for superior results. ◦

How to take the product:

◾For most individuals, take 60 drops per day for 30 days to help your body perform a comprehensive cleanse. Alternatively, in the case of severe parasitical infestations, a suggested 90 day regime is recommended for optimal maximum results.

◾Purify is best taken when you first wake up in the morning (although it can be taken anytime) on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. For enhanced results, do not eat for at least one hour after taking Purify.