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Zinc Picolinate

60 Vege Capsules

22 mgs of Zinc Picolinate

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60 Vege-capsules each with 22 mgs of Zinc Picolinate

Finding the best form of any mineral is important because unlike plants humans can't easily assimilate them. Zinc Picolinate is the pick of several forms of Zinc. It's combined with Picolinic acid to assist with absorption. Picolinic Acid is a natural 'chelator' of minerals and it's found in breast milk.

Zinc is a very important mineral for all of us and New Zealanders struggle to get optimal levels from their diet. Zinc has many roles to play in the very complex biochemistry of the human body. It's vital for our immune system - men need it for Prostate health and Zinc has a very important role in the brain.

Zinc is important for healthy skin and is involved in normal oil gland function and the repair of wounds and other skin problems. Consequently zinc supplements may provide extra support for acne-prone skin, slow-healing wounds, and minor skin problems such as dermatitis. Zinc helps maintain the senses of vision, taste and smell, and low levels may contribute to problems with taste or smell. Zinc also plays an essential role in the male reproductive tract, where it is involved in the production of healthy sperm.

To give you a good idea of the very important role for Zinc in the brain - I wrote this article for a magazine - DIET CRIME AND DELINQUENCY.