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These books are not for Sale, but are simply recommended reading.

Children's Health A-Z  by Dr Leila Masson (New Zealand)


 This book is a must for every parent.

 When a child is unwell it can be a very worrying time for any parent or caregiver. Many questions arise - what is the problem - could it get worse - should I see a doctor - is there anything I can do now that may help? Dr Leila Masson MD MPH FRACP a New Zealand Paediatrician who has raised two children in Auckland has come to our aid. Dr Masson who has a Master's degree of Public Health from Harvard and has extensive training in nutrition and environmental health has written a superb book especially for New Zealand parents. The title "Children's Health A-Z is just that - it's a treasure trove of essential advice, part old fashioned common sense and part cutting edge research on nutrition, supplements and health This book should be in every New Zealand home

Detoxify or Die - by Sherry A. Rogers M.D

Detoxify or Die is a fantastic book and possibly one of the best books ever written on how we get sick.

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