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Micellized Frankincense Oil


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VIZPUR MICELLIZED FRANKINCENSE (10 mls) A new and exciting form of Frankincense. VIZ offers the first and only essential oils that are built on the patented Swiss VizPur solubilization technology. This unique technology transforms traditional fat soluble essential oils into readily absorbed, water soluble products. This means that you get all of the traditional and powerful benefits of essential oils, without your body having to do the work of converting the fats into an absorbable form. This groundbreaking technology breaks down fat into a useable form in the same your body does, naturally, through micellization. Water soluble essential oils are clean, pure and efficient, without changing the essence of the oil.

VIZPUR Essential Oils are all therapeutic grade, organic and/or wild-crafted. VIZ products are made from steam distilled oils, avoiding the use of hexane and other harsh solvents. Frankincense, from the BoswelliaSarrata tree, has been used for centuries for its relaxing qualities. Frankincense is commonly used as a immune support and mood enhancement. Frankincense is also a valuable ingredient used in many skin care products to comfort drying and aging skin. Frankincense is for topical, aromatic, or dietary use. Watch this short video clip to learn more about Micellization.