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Carlson Fish Oil

500 mls
An EXCELLENT product
One 5 ml teaspoon provides 800 mgs EPA and 500 mgs of DHA

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Product Description


  • I have been taking Carlson Fish Oil for 15 years (purity and potency is VERY important)
  • For the whole family ( my grandchildren love it and have been taking it since they were toddlers)
  • World renowned brand
  • Produced and Bottled in Norway
  • NO fishy taste means no oxidation
  • Very high potency thus excellent value
  • Certified free of heavy Metals/PCBs
  • Unconditional satisfaction guarantee

500 ml bottle, 3 months supply
1 x 5 ml teaspoon delivers: 800 mgs EPA + 500 mgs DHA

Why Use Fish and Cod Liver Oil?

Please read the information sheets about the importance of the Omega 3s, DHA & EPA in these two great products by Carlson.

Carlson Cod Liver Oil Information Sheet (PDF)

Carlson Fish Oil Information Sheet (PDF)

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What is the difference between Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil?

Cod Liver Oil is from the Liver of a Cod Fish. Fish Oil comes from the entire flesh of a Fish (usually small mackerel or sardines).

The flesh around the belly of the fish has the most oil. The colder the water generally the more oily the fish is.

Both Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil have optimal levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA). Cod Liver Oil however has the added bonus of some Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

I suggest the Cod Liver Oil when there is only one in the family taking it. The Fish Oil bottle is double the size so for one person it could oxidise before it was all consumed.

My Cod Liver Oil I have has been made by the same Company for 150 years (see attached on the Cod Liver Oil page). It's incredibly pure and pleasant tasting.

Any Fish Oil/Cod Liver Oil product that has even a hint of fishy taste would mean there is some oxidation which is not good.

Fish Oil and Krill Oil

I am often asked how Krill Oil compares with Fish Oil because the marketers of Krill Oil are making significant claims. There would need to be a head to head study to determine this but in the meantime we can say that Fish Oil is regarded internationally as an excellent source of essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA). There are hundreds of studies which confirm this.

Carlson Fish Oil contains 800 mgs of EPA and 500 mgs of DHA in each 5 ml teaspoon (very high potency). A Krill Oil capsule contains 45 mgs of EPA and 27 mgs of DHA (There is a 20 fold difference). Is Krill Oil 20 times better absorbed?

I decided to ask the scientific team at Carlson Labs:

"Contrary to what the marketers of krill oil prefer to state, there is essentially a complete absence of published peer-reviewed data showing that krill is even effective at all, not to mention better than fish oil. This is not to say that it isn't effective, but it is certainly not appropriate to claim it is vastly superior to fish oil without data to support such claims. A simple search of for krill oil returns 14 results. A search for fish oil returns 15,121 results. It's not a stretch to state that fish oil is by far the superior supplement in terms of clinically supported research. Fish oil is even sold as a prescription drug in multiple countries, yet krill oil is not. There is a legitimate reason for this."

Why Carlson Fish Oil?

Download the Carlson Fish Oil pdf information sheet.