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Liposomal Ubiquinol Liquid 100 mgs

170 doses of 100 mgs

Liquid QH is the most advanced form of Ubiquinol made.

Please note that this product is not intended to be taken at 100 mgs/ day for 100 days
It's intended for people taking higher doses of up to 400 mgs daily

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Product Description


Liquid QH is the most advanced form of Ubiquinol made. It goes one step further than 'Quinogel' by encapsulating the Ubiquinol in tiny particles of a special fat using a process known as Liposomal Encapsulation Technology. This product is for people requiring higher doses of Ubiquinol.

Quinogel is a very advanced form of Ubiquinol which has been made 'water soluble' by reducing the particle size down to less than half of a micron. The objective of this is to improve absorption. This is the product that I take daily. It's not how much we take but how much we absorb that's important.

Active Q is the standard form of Ubiquinol which is the form of Q10 that is used in the body. Most Q10 products for retail sale are the Ubiquinone (oxidised form). Ubiquinone has to be converted in the body to Ubiquinol and as we age this process becomes compromised so taking the Ubiquinol form becomes more important. My 'Active Q' comes in 50 mgs – 100 mgs – 200 mgs doses.

Liposomal Q10

A liquid form of Coenzyme Q10 made using Liposomal encapsulation technology for people requiring high doses of CoQ10.
170 doses x 100 mgs

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