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Moku-Derm Kigelia Gel 50g

Soothing relief from the Sausage Tree

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I have been using Moku Derm Kigelia Gel for many years. It’s a wonderful soothing and calming option for troubled skin. Moku Derm Kigelia Gel is water soluble and thus it’s very easy to apply. I apply it daily to areas on my skin that have been subjected to the sun over many years.

The sausage tree, Kigelia africana (or Kigelia pinnata), belongs to the family Bignoniaceae. It is widespread across Africa and is found in wet savannah and riverine areas, where it occurs in abundance. Growing 23 metres high or more, it is semi-deciduous with grey-brown smooth bark. The tree draws its name from its unique sausage-shaped fruit, suspended from long stalks, sometimes over a metre in length and weighing as much as 10kg. The hard, grey fruit has a thin skin covering a firm, fibrous fruit pulp containing numerous small, unwinged seeds. Its velvety, bat-pollinated maroon coloured flowers reach up to 90cm in length.