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What we eat has a significant influence on gene expression
See what the world eats Consider the one car theory

Patti Davis is the daughter of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan

My favourite quotation

The Aim of Medicine
"Ultimately, medicine has a single aim: to relieve human suffering. When measured against this benchmark, different therapies can be seen as either effective or ineffective rather than 'orthodox' or 'unorthodox'. No single professional group has ownership of health, and the best healthcare requires a multidisciplinary approach. Thus there is an imperative for all healthcare professionals to work together for the benefit of their patients and the wider community."
Prof Marc Cohen who is a medical Doctor with two PhDs

This is great drinking water

Water in a box Click on this link for quick reference

This water is NOT tap water as found in some products in supermarkets. It comes from a deep aquifier in Whakatane and is dated to be 1,800 years old.

Do you have a Hiatal Hernia?

If you have suffered with heartburn and reflux it could be that you have a sliding Hiatal Hernia.
Taking antacid medications won't resolve the problem a manual massage technique can help to return the stomach to its natural position.
Check out these potential remedies which you can work on at home


Click here to download a very interesting ebook about Melatonin
Pharmacies seem to be using Melatonin from Worldwide Labs


Many people suffer from this very debilitating condtion
Ask your Doctor help you with this approach to treating the
condition without the use of any drugs.

'The Biology of Perception'

           Bruce Lipton PhD 

If you haven't experienced a lecture by Dr Lipton This is a MUST for you. We all need to know how our cells work and Dr Bruce Lipton is amazing and very entertaining. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Ketogenic Diet

'First do no harm'


This is an inspiring story about how the parents of a young boy never gave up in their search to help their epileptic son - it's a MUST watch.

Bone Broth

Ask any 'Granny' about the Bone Broth and be prepared to listen to the stories about how Bone Broth was always top of mind for health and healing. Bone Broth is now 'back in fashion' and for very good reason. It is really good stuff.
Check out the many recipes in this very informative ebook

The amazing Lemon

For everything you should know about the health inducing properties of Lemons Click here

Successful Lumbar Discectomy and Decompression


I have had a lumbar spinal 'Discectomy and Decompression' to deal with a herniated disc -

This is my story about how I prepared for surgery and my recovery


Anyone considering an MRI when there are concerns about the spine/discs etc should bear in mind that when lying down there is a lot less load on the spine and thus imaging may not show the true situation.
In Sydney they have an "upright" MRI scanner that can take the imaging while the patient stands. The pricing is very reasonable approx I paid $350.00 for a lumbar MRI.  Western Imaging 
An MRI could be combined with a weekend in Sydney and a show.  Affter landing at Sydney Airport 10.30 am I caught the train to Central Station and another train to Blacktown. I had my MRI and was back in town by 4.00 pm
Have a look at this very informative brochure with image comparisons of recumbent (laying flat) and upright.

When the going gets tough

There are times when we all need a bit of encouragement to push on and I love listening to these
Keep a Dream in your Pocket    Hold On Tight To Your Dream

Hernia Repair without Mesh

In July 2016 I had surgery for an Inguinal hernia (the result of a lot of heavy lifting during a renovation on our house).  I would not have agreed to a repair using mesh and I was very fortunate to find a New Zealand Doctor who has been trained on the Desarda technique I had an excellent outcome and I have written an article about my experience

The World's healthiest foods

This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about the foods they are eating or not eating


Taking Dietary Supplements

On my website you will find products that I sourced initially for my own use. When it comes to taking supplements, there are so many products on the market it can be very confusing and expensive trying this and that before coming up with a supplement programme that meets your needs.

Often people have unrealistic expectations of supplements and thus it is important to understand their role in the human body.

Dietary supplements can be defined as preparations intended to supply nutrients, (such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids or amino acids) that are missing or not consumed in sufficient quantity in a person's diet.

The importance of a good diet cannot be overstated. A good diet is a health inducing regimen which eliminates foods that are known to be deleterious and incorporates nutrient dense foods from all food groups. There is a significant difference between what will sustain life and optimal levels of nutrients.

In today’s world, soils are rapidly being depleted of essential nutrients and pesticides and other chemicals are found in ever increasing quantities in our food chain. Also our foods are becoming more and more processed, thus we need to think carefully about how we might obtain optimal levels of nutrients.

Taking supplements is not something one does for a few weeks and then reverts back to the previous lifestyle. Without a commitment, it's better not to start. My own supplement programme is intended to add value to lifestyle changes that I have embraced in order to take greater responsibility for my own health.

The John Appleton Story